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What is the joining age?

Beavers are 6-8, Cubs are 8-10½, Scouts are 10½-14, Explorers are for school years 10 – 12.

Do you admit girls too?

Yes, all sections take girls, scouting is for all!

Is there a waiting list to join?

There is currently a waitlist, so contact us as soon as possible. You will normally join the section at the beginning of either the winter, spring or summer term so contact us well in advance of these dates.

How much does it cost to send my child to Scouts?

At the beginning of the winter, spring and summer terms a subscription is due, which is used for membership fees and other expenses such as craft materials, badges, and some programme activities. Currently, Beavers and Cubs pay £34 per term, and Scouts and Explorers pay £42 per term. Payment is made via BACS.  Trips, camps and activities are usually charged separately. Cost should not be a barrier to anyone taking part in Scouting and if this is an issue, you can speak to your Section Leader in confidence.

What do Scouts wear and where can I buy it?

Uniform is not worn all the time, and you will be advised as to which activities and meetings need to be attended in uniform. When in uniform, our Scouts wear either a blue sweatshirt (Beavers),  green polo shirt (Cubs), or a green shirt (Scouts). All Scouts (adults and young people) wear a yellow and blue scarf or necker. Blue Scout trousers or school trousers and smart school shoes must be worn when in uniform. You may buy official uniform items from the Scout Shop here, John Lewis, or try Ebay.

Is there a planned programme of activities for Scouts?

Yes. Behind the fun of Scouting, there is an educational programme.

The main programme areas are: Outdoor and Adventure; Global; Community; Fit for Life; Creative; and Beliefs and Attitudes. Group leaders are trained to deliver this programme.

I’ve mislaid a letter/booking form, what should I do?

Please get in touch via our contact page.

Will my child be insured when on Scout activities?

Yes. All Members are covered under our Personal Accident and Medical Expenses Policy.

Are you on Social Media?

Yes! When your child has joined a section you can join our Facebook group page. It’s a great way to keep in touch, receive messages and see what fun is had at meetings and camps. Visit the 1st Borough Green Scout Group Facebook page and apply to join the group. As we post photos of the scouts it is a ‘Closed Group’ and you will have to be approved by one of our admins to join. We also ask that you do not share, or screen grab and share, any photos posted on this page to your own Facebook page. This is to safeguard other children who may appear in the photos, and we thank you for your cooperation in this matter.




How do I earn badges?

Beavers Challenge Awards  /  Beavers Activity Badges

Cubs Challenge Awards   /   Cubs Activity Badges

Scouts Challenge Awards  /   Scouts Activity Badges

Where do I put the badges on my uniform?

One of the most asked questions! Please view the diagrams below for advice.

TOP TIP: If you are no good with the needle and thread, badges can be glued on with badge glue.

Beavers Uniform Diagram

Cubs Uniform Diagram

Scouts Uniform Diagram

Explorers Uniform Diagram

Borough Green Scout Group Info

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