Cleaner Required


1st Borough Green Scout Group requires a cleaner for the hut. Duties are as follows:


1. High level dust, along coat racks /ceiling corners.

2. Wipe door handles and around plus electric box and light switches.

3. Sweep floor, hoover carpet.

4. Mop floor where uncovered by carpet.

5. Termly remove carpet and jet wash as required.

Main Hall

1. High level dust all roof rafters, picture frames, window cills , fire extinguishers etc

2. Wipe door handle to exit door, first aid kit and light switches.

3. Sweep floor and mop.

4. Wipe along lockets and around padlocks.


1. Wipe all door handles and surrounds.

2. Wipe skirting boards.

3. Wipe light switches.

4. High-level dust around lights and corners.

5. Sweep and mop floor.

6. Scrub floor termly and wipe walls as required.


1. Wipe all surfaces and kitchen cupboard handles.

2. Sweep and mop floor.

3. Clean around sink.

4. Termly remove all items from drawers and place through dishwasher.


1. High-level dust around windows.

2. Wipe light switches, sanitizer stations, paper towel dispensers.

3. Clean toilet bowls with bleach and scrub seats and surrounds with antibacterial cleaner.

4. Clean sinks with suitable cleaner ensuring taps are included.

5. Sweep and mop floors.

6. Bins to be emptied but should not have any waste as Leaders are taking it away with them.

7. Floors to be scrubbed termly.

Crew Room

1. High level dusting throughout.

2. Wipe door handles along with window handles.

3. Hoover where possible.

4. Termly wipe all table with anti bacterial cleaner.

Inside Store

1. Swept and mopped.

2. Door handles to be wiped.

The above takes roughly an hour and a quarter each time.

Rate: £12/hour

We would also welcome volunteers or those working towards the Duke Of Edinburgh award.

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